Dental treatments

Thanks to thorough expertise and specialization of each member of the team, we are able to guarantee top-level standards while offering a wide range of treatments for our patients’ care.

Following a first specialist examination and diagnostic investigation, a customized treatment plan will be advised to the patient, to carefully respond to all clinical problems and personal expectations.


Oral hygiene and prevention

Oral hygiene is the main means for a proper prevention of oral pathologies.  

The dental hygienist will train the patient to the right movements for an accurate home oral care, which has to be nonetheless periodically integrated with in-office dental hygiene sessions organized according to personal specific needs. Fluoride profilaxis can greatly help dental health for the prevention of tooth decay: when applied on teeth, fluoride can protect the enamel from acid attacks from plaque bacteria, main cause of inflammation and decay.

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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with children for the prevention of tooth diseases.  

Its main activity is to educate and raise awareness of the youngest patients on oral health, from the use of dental sealants to correct prevention of tooth decay for both deciduous and permanent teeth.

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Conservative dentistry

Conservative dentistry deals mainly with the treatment and reconstruction of teeth damaged by decay or trauma, or affected by congenital defects (i. e. discoloration).  

The main conservative therapies, such as tooth filling and reconstruction, are aimed to maintain as much dentin as possible thus restoring the tooth’s integrity and involve highly esthetic materials: composite resins or ceramics guaranteeing excellent and long-lasting results.

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Endodontics deals with the treatment of tooth pulp, the inner tissue of teeth, in cases of deep decay damage, trauma, fractures or other factors causing irreversible injuries. 

In all these cases, the aim of the endodontic treatment (also referred to as root canal treatment or devitalization) is to save the tooth from extraction.

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The aim of orthodontics is to fix all irregular tooth positions to restore an aligned, harmonic and functional smile; this type of treatment is not only limited to childhood - when it is useful to anticipate and correct possible alterations which may cause masticatory, breathing and vocal disorders - but can be suggested also to adult patients. 

Together with “brackets”, typical of fixed orthodontics, nowadays the use of transparent masks is increasingly frequent, its merits being a minimal esthetic impact and a high effectiveness.

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Esthetic-functional rehabilitation

In cases of patients presenting an excessively compromised or unsatisfactory smile from an esthetic point of view, the dentist may prescribe an esthetic-functional rehabilitation of the teeth. 

Thanks to the use of techniques allowing to preview the final outcome of the restorations - such as mock-up - the patient can easily understand the type of treatment suggested while testing his/her new smile for a few hours or days. By performing minimal tooth preparation the dentist will be able to preserve a maximal amount of tooth structure as well as - in most cases - completely avoid the use of anesthesia.

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Crowns, normally referred to as “dental capsules”, are used to replace missing teeth, protect compromised dentition or improve esthetics. 

Ceramic crowns can be placed on natural teeth as well as on bone-integrated implants, should an extraction of the tooth be necessary for irreparable damages.

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Veneers are thin ceramic layers to be cemented on the surface of the anterior teeth, allowing to restore ideal shapes and colors and guaranteeing an excellent esthetic-functional result. 

This treatment requires such minimal tooth preparations that, in most cases, anesthesia is not even required.

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Dental bleaching

Professional dental bleaching is a technique allowing to restore the natural tooth color, making them whiter and fixing esthetically compromised situations such as surface discoloration due to excessive coffee consumption or smoking, as well as alterations related to medicine intake or tooth necrosis.  

Only after a thorough evaluation of nature and type of the discoloration will the clinician or the hygienist be able to suggest the most suitable and effective treatment.

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Oral surgery and Implant dentistry

Oral surgery deals with all the problems and pathologies needing a surgical approach, from less or more complex tooth extractions (extractive surgery) to operations on supporting tissues for the recovery of severely compromised dentition (periodontology) and the correction of tissue or bone deficits (gingival grafts, bone regeneration).  

These types of surgery are often preliminary to the positioning of tooth implants, veritable artificial roots allowing to replace missing teeth (implant dentistry).

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2- and 3-D X-RAYS

Our clinic is provided with a traditional 2D X-ray system integrated with a 3-D Cone Beam CT scan (CBCT) which, while emitting a significantly lower level of radiation compared to traditional CT systems, provides excellent diagnostic accuracy and a great comfort considering the duration of the examination is only of a few minutes during which the patient is asked to stand still. 

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Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation, performed by intravenous administration of medicines reducing anxiety, guarantees maximum comfort during surgical treatment also for patients suffering from dental phobia. 

Thanks to the presence of a specialist practitioner in anesthesia, even the most challenging and uncooperative patients will be able to face the treatment without further problems and in complete serenity.

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Dental laboratory

Our clinic is provided with a fully equipped facility for the refinement and finalization of provisional and definitive restorations. 

This feature allows the clinician to optimize working time and reduce the number of appointments to the ones strictly necessary.

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Digital dental impression

Our clinic is provided with a intra-oral 3-D scanner for digital dental impressions.  

This state-of-the-art instrument eliminates any possible discomfort for the patient related to the use of traditional materials and tools for the impression taking, while maintaining the same effectiveness and precision.

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