The dental laboratory

Taking care of our patients means guaranteeing the best possible esthetic and functional results of the treatment, but also meeting every logistic demand there may be.

Our clinic is provided with a fully equipped facility for the refinement and finalization of provisional and definitive restorations, giving the clinician the chance to optimize the esthetics of the restoration in real-time in the patient’s mouth.

For the final appointment of the prosthetic rehabilitation - the cementation of the definitive restorations - our clinic guarantees the full-time presence of our dental technician to reduce timing and number of working sessions needed: in fact, only once all demands have been satisfied and all expectations fulfilled, will the dentists proceed to the cementation of the prosthetic work.

Laboratorio Odontotecnico Studio Mauro Fradeani Pesaro

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It is possible to take digital dental impressions by using an intra-oral scanner, a tool recording an optic impression of the teeth and all supporting structures (eg gingiva) and scanning every morphologic detail.

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