Dr. Mauro Fradeani’s Dental Clinic

Dr. Mauro Fradeani is specialized in prosthodontics, treating patients needing to enhance their smile by improving esthetics and function.


Dr. Mauro Fradeani’s Dental Clinic offers excellent service to all patients; Dr. Fradeani, whose expertise is renowned worldwide, is constantly supported by a highly qualified team of experts covering all branches of dentistry.


Dental treatments

Oral hygiene and prevention

Pediatric dentistry

Conservative dentistry



Esthetic-functional rehabilitation



Dental bleaching

Oral surgery and Implant dentistry

2- and 3-D X-RAYS

Conscious sedation

Dental laboratory

Digital dental impression

Clinical cases

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In this section you will find further useful knowledge and details on various topics of dentistry.

Digital impression

It is possible to take digital dental impressions by using an intra-oral scanner, a tool recording an optic impression of the teeth and all supporting structures (eg gingiva) and scanning every morphologic detail.

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Conscious sedation

For some people, the fear of the dentist (which in most cases is connected to negative experiences and memories) can become a real phobia leading the patient to give up all treatments and neglect his/her oral health.

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