Digital technology in the service of esthetics: GETApp Fradeani

Before beginning a prosthetic treatment involving the application of veneers or crowns, it is essential for the dentist to carry out an esthetic analysis by collecting parameters and measurements of teeth, smile and face of the patient: only by studying the overall harmony of the entire face will the clinician be able to suggest a customized treatment plan with the aim of reaching a satisfying and predictable result both esthetically and functionally.

Dr. Fradeani and the Fradeani Education team - a group of highly qualified dentists holding courses and conferences worldwide - have designed and developed an iOS application (available on iPad) for dentists wishing to digitally perform an esthetic and functional evaluation of the patient.

The creation and improvement of GETApp Fradeani required many years of thorough work, which led Dr. Fradeani and his team to implement a product of excellence.

The Application, currently used by dentists throughout the whole world, embodies the whole know-how of Dr. Fradeani, his very experience and knowledge on prosthetic treatment planning, promoting his model of excellence in dentistry worldwide.

Dr. Fradeani uses this tool on a daily basis with all his patients, who are able to follow step-by-step - on a TV screen transmitting the App in use - all the data collection and processing, thereby being continuously informed on the development of their treatment plan and fully understanding the reasons behind each decision.

Available from 2016, GETApp Fradeani has improved and sped up the work of all the dentists using it while increasing the awareness of patients, who now have a clearer idea of the operative steps to undergo and what the final outcome will be right from the start.

Adding to the success of the two books written by Dr. Fradeani on the esthetic analysis and the prosthetic rehabilitation (translated into 12 languages), GETApp Fradeani is another important achievement - this time digital - of which Dr. Fradeani is very proud.

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